Aluminium Slim Card Wallet (Black/Brown)


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This slim card holder is an excellent RFID-blocking wallet for your cards. You may already be familiar with convenient RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and it’s security loophole. Regardless, the gist of the RFID-blocking feature is that it bars cybercriminals from accessing your card and personal information using RFID scanners.

So this men’s wallet is made of thick aluminium that in itself blocks any radio waves trying to get through to your cards. Ultra-slim. Lightweight. Minimalist

A notable feature of this card wallet is the ultra-slim, lightweight design that puts your thick and bulky traditional wallet to shame. With its breadth of less than half an inch, this wallet is about as slim – if not slimmer – than an iPhone X. So this means it will fit nicely in your front pocket and will hardly be noticed in the back.

Of appearance, this car holder spots a dapper look and feel, highlighted by the highly polished aluminium to exude that sublime, minimalist quality.

High quality elastic band. Holds your cards tightly in place. You will not have to worry that the band holding your cards in place will wear out with frequent use. The band, though highly stretchable, is quite firm.

But if you must worry, you’ll be glad to learn that this card wallet comes with a spare elastic band included, just to give you that extra assurance.

Simple. Efficient. Practical card holder. The whole point of a card holder is the convenience in accessing your secured cars. Well, this card holder “gets it”.

You will love the push-and-pinch mechanism that makes accessing your cards all the more painless. Just push the cards out a bit, then pinch the bottom of the wallet. This will fan out the cards to let you quickly spot and pick out the one you need to use.

Still, a helpful tip is to place your most frequently used cards on either side of the stack for added convenience.

Key Features of this aluminium card holder wallet
RFID blocking; your card and personal information is safe.
Lightweight, minimalist design yet tough and robust.
Ultra-slim, with polished aluminium exterior for a super dapper look.
Easily access your cards (and a bit of cash) with the push-and-pinch mechanism.
Highly elastic band to fit as many cards. Even more, it comes with a spare band included.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 113mm x 65mm x 10mm

In essence, this aluminium wallet brings the right combination of a simple, slim men’s wallet with a large card capacity, to hold all your cards. And securely too!

Get one for yourself or as the ideal gift for a friend or family, never mind the occasion.

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