Aluminium Tactical Card Wallet W/ Bottle Opener- Black


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This is yet another one of our card wallet series with RFID protection. The catch with this particular one is its tactical “military-style” appearance ideal for the lover of adventure and the outdoors, or for someone just looking for a unique, rugged looking wallet. A rare feat this card wallet pulls off is combining both the durability of genuine leather with the rugged, tactical appearance of mature, high lustre, aviation aluminium.

The icing, however, is how the tactical outlook is aesthetically highlighted by the metal screws drilled through the perimeter of the wallet. These, instead of threads, are used to stitch the leather in place. So you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing threads loosening out in the long-term.

Your personal information and card information are secure. Another notable feature of the tactical card wallet is RFID protection. You may already be familiar with the convenient RFID technology enabled in your credit and debit cards.

A loophole of this technology is cybercriminals can scan and access your personal card info from a safe distance away. So RFID blocking wallets like this one protect your credit card details and money from being accessed and misused by intrusive entities.

Look, your card wallet’s got a bottle opener? Openers are increasingly becoming that one thing no one remembered to bring along for the outdoor event.

So isn’t it just convenient that this wallet comes with a fancy, almost unnoticeable bottle opener stylishly embedded into the design of its metal edge! With it, you get to whip out your wallet and save the day while out or wherever you find your venturous self needing to pop one open.

All your cards (…and a bit of cash) will fit. This card holder wallet will hold all your cards and then some. It has a capacity for up to 12 credit cards and a bit of cash too.

This is thanks to a highly elastic band that stretches to accommodate each extra card, while still holding your cards tightly in place. You don’t have to worry about this band losing elasticity with frequent use. In any event, this wallet comes with an extra elastic band included for your peace of mind.

Key features of the tactical card wallet:
Tactical, rugged design; mature, high lustre metal and genuine leather come together to give that military-grade design and durability.
Bottle opener embedded; whip out your wallet and save the occasion when outdoors. Pop one open wherever, whenever.
RFID protection ; your credit card and personal information is secure.
Large card capacity ; holds up to 12 cards and a bit of cash, with a spare elastic band included.
Thin, portable, practical; light and slim while practical. Will fit in your front pocket.
Lanyard loop: thread a lanyard through the special loop hole for assured security
Dimensions (L x W x H): 113mm x 65mm x 10mm

The ultimate tactical card wallet for a lover of the outdoors. Perfect gift for the “manliest of men” in your close circle of friends or family

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