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The only other thing that beats the convenience of a pop-up card wallet is RFID blocking technology to secure your cards.

Ever spot that “wifi” symbol on your credit or debit card? That means it’s RFID enabled. Most of our South African banks issue these because RFID makes the checkout out as convenient as it can get. With RFID technology, you don’t need to swipe your card and enter your PIN at the checkout line.

However, a significant drawback of this otherwise sweet, sweet technology is that it’s susceptible to exploitation by cyber thieves. With a portable RFID reader, they can scan and steal your credit card credentials from a safe distance away. They then imprint these onto a blank card and go on a free shopping spree, all on you.

Well, there’s a reassuring peace of mind that comes with walking around with your cards knowing they’re secure. And that’s what you get with an RFID blocking card wallet. With this feature in your wallet, intrusive RFID waves will not access your cards, and hence your money and personal information.

Easily access your cards and cash! Pop-up card holder wallets make it easy and painless for you to access your cards on the go especially if you’ve got more than a couple.

To access your cards, flick a switch and up they spring, automatically. You then pick out the right card from the neat cascade and spring the rest back in. In addition to the automatic pop-up compartment, this wallet has got extra slots on the inside for other cards you don’t use often. Even more, it has got a stylish yet firm folding money holder that keeps your notes easily accessible yet safe and in place.

Ultra-slim with a chic, minimalist look! The exterior of this card holder wallet is elegant, minimalist and smooth to the touch. The smoothness is thanks to the PU leather used; an affordable yet lighter, softer and waterproof alternative to organic leather.

Aluminium alloy is also embedded within the leather as the backbone of the RFID blocking technology that cuts out any access to the valuable personal information in your cards.

Key Features of the slim pop-up leather card wallet:
RFID protection: safeguard your personal and credit card information from hackers.
Easily access your cards: your cards spring out automatically with the flick of a switch
Elegant, slim, chic and robust: ultra-slim and lightweight, with high-texture, waterproof PU leather for a chic, minimalist look.
Subtle man colours: comes in two of the manliest colours; black and brown.
Holds around 5 cards in the main pop-slot and other 3-5 in the pouches/flaps
Dimensions (L x W x H): 100mm x 65mm x 15mm

This is the ultimate slim pop-up wallet for your cards and cash, with the extra benefit of securing your personal info. Grab one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, family, the hubby or boyfriend!

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